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The Tanzania Feminist Collective consists of a group of women and non-binary people who all share the common goal of wanting to provide education on rape culture, misogyny, women's rights, and the nuances surrounding bigotry and how this is harmful to the fabric of Tanzanian society.

We will be consistently operating as an online resource, through our website and social media channels, and also as an on-ground organisation that delivers education on rape culture to key stakeholders, and assistance and care to women who have experienced gender-based violence.


The Tanzania Feminist Collective aims to bridge the large gap in discourse regarding womanism and African feminism within Tanzania. This will be carried out through our articles and social media content.

As well as this, we also aim to partner with established organisations that will enable us to implement our ideas to tangibly deliver work that will assist survivors of gender-based violence, as well as provide education on rape culture in Tanzania.


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The Tanzania Feminist Collective envisions a world where the stories, narratives and experiences of Tanzanian women from all walks of like are brought to life and archived on various online platforms. We are eternally grateful to the work of feminists and various women's rights pioneers who have led the way for this movement, and we look forward to furthering the discourse however we can.

Importantly, we aim to prioritise and cherish the narratives of those who are additionally marginalised within society. This includes the prioritisation of youth, economically disadvantaged people, disabled people, and those who are genderfluid.

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